Why you shouldn’t use your phone during the Tony Robbins Firewalk

May 11, 2017

Why you shouldn’t use your phone during the Tony Robbins firewalk

Our mobile phones keep us connected to our family, friends and the world around us. But there’s a time and place to use them – and that time is not when you’re walking across a bed of hot coals at a Tony Robbins event.

To successfully complete the firewalk requires a great deal of self-confidence, courage in your abilities and dedication to growth and forward momentum.

Prior to taking it on, your brain will likely seek things to distract you from your nerves, which is a normal inclination, but not one that will help you conquer this challenge. In the moments leading up to the firewalk, your only focus must be on getting in an optimal state of mind and staying there.

This particular state requires you to be fully present, focused and engaged in the moment, not only because that’s how you’ll get the most out of the experience mentally, but because a present state of mind is what will protect you from being burned. And given that studies suggest merely the presence of a smartphone can distract you from the moment, using it can really throw you off course.

That said, once you complete the firewalk, you’ll probably be tempted to share your accomplishment with friends and family via social media — and you should! But that sharing shouldn’t involve any photos you took during the walk itself.

Believe us, we know how tempting it is to take photos when you’re doing something as novel and exciting as walking barefoot across a bed of hot coals. But doing so will be counterproductive to you and those around you.

The moment you start viewing the experience through the lens of your camera, you’re essentially seeing it second-hand, which means you’re no longer fully focused on the experience at hand. And the same goes for posting updates on your social media feeds or texting friends as the challenge is happening. As soon as you start scrolling, you’re hindering yourself from gaining as much as you can from the challenge — and that would be a shame because there’s a lot to gain.

In addition to detracting from your own experience, using your mobile phone will affect the experience of those around you. Not everyone is comfortable being filmed and, even if they are, your filming will distract them from the aforementioned state of mind critical to the firewalk’s successful completion.

Again, we don’t want to discourage you from engaging with friends and family nor from posting updates about your experience at Unleash the Power Within. In fact, we encourage it. You’re going to learn a lot of new information and gain plenty of insight into many aspects of your life and relationships, so we want you to be able to share all of this life-changing goodness with your support system.

But, as noted above, in order to get as much as possible out of the firewalk, you must be fully present, focused and engaged. Picking up your phone in the middle of it will instantly hinder your ability to do that.

By participation in or attending the Unleash the Power Within seminar, you expressly agree not to record by audio, video, photography or any other means, any portion of this seminar, including the firewalk experience at the UPW event.

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