October 27, 2017


Are you working to exceed your sales goals from last year? Aiming to get in better physical shape? Are you trying to be a better communicator with your spouse in an effort to improve your relationship? Do you want to put yourself out there and be more social to enhance your friendships and develop new relationships? Whatever your goal may be, we are all motivated by something and work toward securing our desired outcome.

While most everyone is driven to accomplish an end result, no one is exempt from experiencing setbacks – physically, mentally or emotionally. Even the most successful people on the planet have had moments where they think and feel they’re unable to do what they’ve later come to accomplish.

When you’re working toward our goal and hit a bump in the road or feel stuck, has it occurred to you that you should stop and think about what’s standing in your way? Perhaps you’ve thought of some of the various obstacles preventing you from achieving your dreams, but have you ever considered that you might be the source of your setbacks? It’s called self-sabotage. If at times you feel or have ever felt like you’re your own worst enemy, there’s no longer a reason to fret about it.. Learn to identify the signs of self-sabotage and strategies you can practice to nip such negative thought patterns in the bud. Once you’re able to break the habit, you can move forward in life in pursuit of your goals.

Identify bad behaviors

Self-sabotage is the act of preventing yourself from succeeding at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. It can come in the form of negative self-talk, procrastination or even failing to follow up on your commitments to yourself, family or colleagues. Self-sabotage usually stems from our own ears and insecurities, causing (or often times worsening) self-doubt. When self-doubt is in full-force, we question our abilities and what we’re capable of achieving. Questioning every move we’ve ever made and over-analyzing past and future decisions is detrimental behavior that sets us further away from reaching our goals. When we’re overcome by self-doubt, it’s easy to want to throw in the towel  and give up on  trying to reach our goals as they feel impossible to obtain.

The next time you find a plateau or setback in your personal growth, examine the root of what’s causing you to experience the feeling of self-sabotage – why are you limiting your own happiness or success? Maybe you didn’t even know or weren’t aware that you were practicing self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. The first step in moving past such bad habits is to identify them. Think about what you do or are doing to stand in your own way – do you spend hours procrastinating online instead of working on a business plan? Do you feel too exhausted to exercise and instead turn to takeout and binge on television?

When you’re having a conflict with a close friend or your partner, do you shut down or purposefully stop communicating? When you’re able to identify the negative factors that are at play and causing your self-sabotage, working to move past it once and for all is well within reach.

How to stop self-sabotage

After identifying the ways in which you self-sabotage, you need to think about the motives behind your actions. Do you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy or reach professional success? Think about the reasoning behind your self-sabotaging ways and brainstorm ways to get past these blockages. Affirm your positive qualities instead of dwelling on the negative ones, and don’t let minor setbacks spiral into massive failures – accept that everyone makes mistakes and move on. Work toward forming productive habits instead, like setting tangible goals at work or bettering your communication with loved ones through setting dedicated time for conversations. Although this process takes a great deal of reflection and time, breaking bad habits and establishing positive habits that enable you to persevere will immeasurably  it will benefit your life.

How the firewalk can help you

One way people say goodbye to fear and embrace their best selves is by participating in Tony Robbins’ firewalk. When participants accomplish the challenge, they prove to themselves they’re capable of anything they set their minds to. Once individuals realize what they’re capable of, their sense of worth, confidence and feeling of empowerment to achieve nearly any and everything amplifies beyond the self, positively impacting just about every other facet of life – careers, friendships, relationships and more.

The firewalk is a powerful tool that shows people that they’re in control of manifesting whatever it is in life they desire and that they are capable of attaining it. The only limitations on you are the ones you place on yourself. By taking part in the firewalk and achieving something that at first thought seems impossible, you’ll realize that your self-sabotaging behavior is truly the only thing holding you back. By overcoming the limitations you place on yourself, and by overcoming such behavior and thought patterns using the suggested techniques discussed in this article or t the firewalk at Tony Robbins’ live event, Unleash the Power Within, the “self” will no longer stop you from achieving what you’re truly capable of. Eliminate self-doubt, self-sabotage and eliminate the obstacles that stand in your way and are stuck between you and your end-goal.

The key to growth is working to cultivate good habits, which will inevitably eliminate self doubt. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a way to overcome your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and want to make a lasting change that will make your life extraordinary, register for the next upcoming Unleash the Power Within. Participate in the firewalk and experience firsthand how Tony Robbins’ teachings at his live events will transform your life from ordinary into extraordinary and in ways you never thought possible.

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