My vacation included a barefoot walk across hot coals

October 27, 2016 My vacation included a barefoot walk across hot coals

In this article published on, Geoffrey James explores how doing the Tony Robbins firewalk inspired him to quit his corporate job that made him miserable and start his own business.

James transitions into discussing his experience firewalking in Hawaii, where he walked over 24 feet of hot coals at a 10-day Tony Robbins conference. He was not injured, although another participant was. According to James, his teammate received two large blisters on her feet but recovered the following day. He contrasts this outcome with the news coverage of the Dallas event, where participants were injured while reportedly disobeying safety instructions and pausing to take selfies.

James connects this physical risk back to its ultimate benefit: that doing it instills in participants the courage to take charge of their lives and pursue their ultimate goals. In his case, James hated his job but valued the security it offered above his own happiness—until he walked over the coals.

Doing the firewalk gave James the courage to quit his job and pursue his own business venture. It wasn’t easy; his family questioned his decision, but facing his fears during his firewalk helped him stand strong. He knew he wanted to live up to his full potential more than he wanted anything else.

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