My Fiery Experience with Tony Robbins

July 27, 2016

My Fiery Experience with Tony Robbins

Kelsey Humphreys recounts in this Huffington Post article her recent interview with Tony Robbins in the context of the June 2016 Dallas firewalking press coverage and explains the importance of firewalking, rewiring neural pathways and deep practice.

Humphreys begins by saying she lied to Tony Robbins when she interviewed him in New York in May 2016, contrary to her lifelong policy of honesty. The lie was that when he asked if she was setting up a backup audio source, she said yes, even though the small audio recording device was her only source.

Seeing the Dallas firewalk press coverage a month after her interview with Tony reminded and inspired her to finish her write-up regarding her experience with Tony. In regards to the Dallas firewalk, Humphreys points out that fewer than one percent of the attendees had minor burns, and that some of them were doing repeat firewalks, upwards of four journeys across the coals—and would repeat them again. She then explains that all participants knew the risks before they walked over the coals, and that the entire event was a tremendous success, as it always has been over the years.

While Humphreys has not participated in the firewalk herself, she explains how the firewalk stresses Tony Robbins’ philosophy that if you want to find success, it is important to rewire the neural pathways of the brain (essentially, rewire/reset your thinking). Firewalking is rewiring the brain by telling it you simply will do something against your fears and instincts, and then following through and doing it.

She likens this process to her own “diving in” during her interview. She was nervous, because the interview was extraordinarily important to her success; however, she knew that even if everything about the situation made her brain scream “I’m not ready,” she still needed to force herself to follow through and do it.

In this sense, Humphreys rewired her neural pathways thanks to her interview with Tony Robbins, and this reminded her about Tony’s discussion of his “deep practice” experiences helping people overcome their fears. For her, her interview with Tony was her firewalking, her saying yes to every opportunity and moving forward. And while she hasn’t walked over the coals yet, she hopes her readers will get the chance to, and she argues that the experience is well worth any minor injuries it might cause.

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