Identify your Limitations and Start Living Limitlessly

March 8, 2018

Identify your Limitations and Start Living Limitlessly

When the new year rolls around, you start thinking of how you want to improve your life. Do you want to better your career? Make your health a priority? Strengthen your connection with your family or romantic partner? Although January 1 has come and gone, it’s never too late to start going after what you really want. The best way to go after your goals is to embrace a limitless lifestyle.

People who live limitlessly

There are successful people all over the globe who live limitlessly, even when the odds are stacked against them. Take, for instance, a young African American girl born in rural Mississippi. As a child, she was abused by older family members, and raised by a single mother who depended on government welfare. This young girl became a millionaire by age 32 and, later in life, a billionaire. She hosted her own talk show, and she now runs a series of companies and nonprofits, from a lifestyle magazine to girls’ schools in Africa. She is one of the most recognizable people in the world: Oprah Winfrey.

How was Oprah able to forge her own path despite the seemingly endless limitations that she was confronted with? She didn’t let limiting beliefs consume her, and she worked incredibly hard. Instead of telling herself all the reasons she couldn’t accomplish her dreams, she pushed past her limiting beliefs and identified why she would succeed.

Serial entrepreneurs offer more examples of living without limits. Richard Branson was only 16 years old when he started his first business venture — a magazine. The magazine, which mostly featured record advertisements, made him an initial $5,000. This small initial success gave Branson the confidence to sell records on a busy street in London. Today, he is known as the billionaire founder of The Virgin Group, which includes companies that cater to wireless, travel, media needs and more.

The hunger to succeed

What Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and anyone else living limitlessly have in common is one important thing: hunger. As Tony Robbins says, “The one common denominator of all successful people is their hunger to push through their fears.” Hunger is more than passion — it’s a driving force that propels you toward your goal. When you’re hungry, you’re able to cast aside any limiting beliefs because the fear of not reaching your goal is more terrifying than the insecurities standing in your way. Before you can satiate your hunger and start living limitlessly, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Let go. Identify what limiting beliefs are holding you back. Why did you start thinking you weren’t capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to? Why have you continued to uphold this belief? Recognize what’s preventing you from growing and find a way to leave those negative past experiences behind you.
  2. Make progress. Once you’ve freed yourself from the limiting beliefs that once held power over you, start working toward your goal. As Tony Robbins says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Begin working toward your objective, even if the process will be challenging. Making small amounts of progress daily is a million times more fulfilling than not working toward your goal at all.

The Tony Robbins firewalk

There are activities that can help you reach your goals, such as firewalking; the firewalk can teach you how to live without limits. Thousands of people all around the world have let go of their fears and now embrace living limitlessly after participating at Unleash the Power Within. Tony Robbins’ firewalk sets forth a seemingly impossible task — walking across a bed of hot coals. Firewalkers learn that there is no limitation on what can be accomplished if they are strong enough to pursue their passions. This mindset can then be used to move toward the second step — making progress. The mental strength you gain during the firewalk will fuel you through future endeavors.

As Tony would say, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” You can start living limitlessly when you let go of the ideas and habits that are holding you back. Completing the firewalk is one way to shake up your psyche and start living the life you’ve always imagined. Once you have incorporated this mindset into your life, check in with your goals. Are you closer to reaching them now than you were before? Let this new year be the start of a brand new you — a you without limits.

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