Jeff Rossen firewalks on hot coals live on TODAY

November 1, 2016

Jeff Rossen firewalks on hot coals live on TODAY

TODAY Show national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen recalls his firewalk experience on the TODAY Show, where he was joined by Tony Simons of the Firewalk Institute of Research and Education and Cornell University.

In the first video, Rossen and Simons discuss the physics of walking over hot coals without getting burned. Simons instructs Rossen on how to walk over the hot coals safely, and Rossen does the firewalk without any injury.

The piece also asks the question why the few attendees in Dallas were burned when so many others were not. Dr. Robert Glatter, a Lenox Hill Hospital emergency room doctor in New York City, explains that while mental focus plays an important role in preparing people for the challenge, it is physics that keeps you from being injured.

Dr. Glatter argues that while the charcoal is 1,000 degrees, it is covered with cooler ash, which is what your feet touch. He advises firewalkers to step lightly, but briskly, and not to run. He also explains that running makes you risk being burned more than brisk, light walking.

And, of course, Dr. Glatter firmly believes that medical personnel should be present at any firewalk event, which is a longstanding safety protocol at all UPW events.

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