Is Life Happening To You or For You?

April 17, 2019

Is Life Happening To You or For You?

When you hear the name J.K. Rowling, you think of the accomplished British billionaire who built an empire by writing books about wizards. But the talented author wasn’t always successful — in fact, for many years she considered herself a failure. Her mother died shortly after she began writing Harry Potter and it sent her into a deep depression. Shortly afterwards, she divorced her husband and became a struggling single mother. She didn’t have a job and was reliant on government checks, but she continued working on her novels. Eventually, as we all know, she found massive, worldwide success.

The most compelling success stories involve struggle.

Why do we celebrate people who have failed in the past but go on to achieve massive success? Because they have a story we can relate to. Everyone struggles. Your aim in life shouldn’t be how to avoid pain and failure altogether — that’s impossible. Instead, you should learn how to master your emotions and take setbacks in stride, turning negatives into positives.

Some people believe that life is happening to them, and because of this, they get weighed down when something bad happens. Other people believe that life is happening for them, and that each incident — good or bad — is shaping them into the person they’re meant to become. Which one would you rather be? If it’s the latter, it’s time to change your mindset. By attending Unleash the Power Within (UPW), you’ll learn how to accept setbacks in life as part of your story, instead of as things that negatively define you. The three-and-a-half-day event culminates in the firewalk, a life-altering event that will make you accept what you already know — that you are in control of your life and can shape it any way you choose.

Accept what you can control

Every human being on the planet has experienced pain and suffering. You can’t change the fact that you will face trying times. What you can do is realize that external events and the actions of others are not something you can change. Accept that you can only monitor your own actions, be it how you treat your body or discipline your mind. You are responsible for shaping the story you tell yourself every day and working toward your goals. At Unleash the Power Within, you’ll learn how to let go of things that don’t serve you. Your limiting beliefs will be questioned, and ultimately, stripped away.

Change your perspective

“Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.” – Tony Robbins

Stop looking at the pain points in your life and believing that they’re holding you back. Instead, acknowledge the pain and look at how it’s allowed for different positives to come into your life. You wouldn’t be where you are today without facing the obstacles you did. Instead of being resentful for these hardships, learn how to be appreciative that these challenges forced you to grow as a person. You are capable of changing the story you tell yourself every day. At UPW, you’ll learn to create a new narrative for your life — one that focuses on using the good to propel yourself forward instead of falling back on the bad as an excuse for your failures.

Unleash the Power Within

Take initiative and establish control in your life. It’s time to change the story you tell yourself, and UPW and the Tony Robbins firewalk will help you to gain the emotional and mental clarity you crave. Crossing the firewalk is an intense, amazing sensation. Your mind tells you you couldn’t possibly achieve it, but then you walk across the coals and experience an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Firewalking, and the rest of the programming taught at UPW, teaches you that you are in total control of your mind, and therefore your life.

“The only ‘problem’ we really have is we think we’re not supposed to have problems! Problems call us to a higher level — solve them now!” – Tony Robbins

Are you ready to change your mindset? Are you willing to accept that life is happening for you instead of to you? The firewalk will teach you to take hardships in stride instead of letting them dictate who you are as a person. Take control of your life by shifting your perspective at Unleash the Power Within.

Unleash your Power

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