How firewalking will help you achieve more breakthroughs

May 4, 2017

How firewalking will help you achieve more breakthroughs

Whether you’re aiming for healthier relationships, a stronger body or financial success, little will propel you to meet and exceed your goals faster than a breakthrough.

What we mean by “breakthrough” is simple: It’s breaking out of your current situation and breaking into the kind of future you’ve always imagined for yourself. Remember, you get what you tolerate – and it’s your decisions, not your conditions, that determine your destiny. Once you decide that things will be different “from now on,” you can commit and execute on the plan to get you to where you want to be. It might seem like a hard-right turn, and might seem overwhelming at first, but when you have the right steps in place, it’s far easier to achieve than you originally thought.

What are the steps to inviting a breakthrough? Let’s take a closer look.

Change your strategy

Tony Robbins says: “Running east looking for a sunset, I don’t care how positive you are, I don’t care how hard you work at it, it’s not going to work, it’s the wrong strategy.” His point is if your strategy is fundamentally flawed, you’re never going to get where you want to go.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or change the direction of your business, if what you’re currently doing isn’t getting you there, then you need to change your strategy. And the best place to look for a new strategy is with the folks who have already achieved what you’re aiming for. So, seek out leaders in the areas at which you want to excel and study the steps they took to get where they are.

Change your story

It’s extremely easy for us to find reasons not to accomplish something. Maybe we’re scared of failing, maybe we’re scared of being rejected, or maybe we simply don’t feel deserving of accomplishments. No matter your reasons, or your “stories” as Ton would say, it’s time to change them.

Saying “I’m not good at relationships” or “Only people born with privilege get rich” aren’t truths; they’re fictional stories we tell ourselves. Fortunately, because we’re the stories’ authors, it’s well within our power to change them. The next time a self-defeating thought pops up around your goals, challenge it by rewriting your story. For example, if you catch yourself thinking, “I’m terrible at negotiating,” interrupt that thought and reframe it with, “I can be a great negotiator.” Even if you don’t believe it now, the more you practice, the more it will become your truth.

Change your state

Humans have a habit of entering challenging situations in a stressed out, overwhelmed or frustrated state, thinking that if they can only achieve their goal they will finally feel happy and at peace. But that kind of thinking is backwards. Like Tony Robbins says, “Your mental and emotional state colors your perception and experience of everything in your life.”

In other words, if you feel discouraged, then you’re not approaching your situation with the positive, clear mindset necessary to maximizing your opportunities. On the other hand, if you feel great and are in a positive frame of mind, you are much more likely to have the energy to take risks and try new things, which will result in more breakthroughs.

How does this all apply to firewalking?

One of the reasons firewalking is such a game-changer for folks is because it allows you to experience all three of these breakthrough-inducing steps in one experience.

Inherent in a successful firewalk is learning the right strategy to complete it successfully, telling yourself the story that you can make it happen and getting your mind in the focused state needed to take those steps across the coals.

That said, once you’ve successfully completed the firewalk, you will be much better equipped to invite life-changing breakthroughs as you move toward each and every one of your goals.

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