How Firewalking Liberates the Mind

March 2, 2017

How Firewalking Liberates the Mind

Firewalking has been used for centuries worldwide for a number of reasons. Some take it on to challenge their inner-strength, others are looking to cultivate courage and still more do it as a test of faith.

No matter a person’s reasons for embarking on a firewalk journey, most can expect to experience similar mental and emotional benefits post-firewalk. Here’s what you’re likely to feel after your first firewalking experience:

Being in control of your fear

If you’re a human being, chances are you have some fear associated with the idea of taking your bare feet across hot coals. But once you actually take on the thing that you’re afraid of, that fear is greatly minimized or eliminated completely.

And this reduction in fear doesn’t stop at your firewalking experience — it’ll spill over into the rest of your daily life, too, where you’ll find you can take on bigger obstacles without fear holding you back in the way that it used to.

After all, the firewalk is just a metaphor for the fears that hold you back from achieving the outcomes that matter most to you. Much like how you overcome your fears for the firewalk, you must use your fears as a force to inspire you to action in all aspects of your life.

Confidence in Yourself and Your Vision

There’s nothing like overcoming a difficult challenge when it comes to increasing your confidence in your capabilities, and little can feel more challenging than placing your naked skin on sizzling coals.

Once you cross that hot bed of coals, it brings to your consciousness the realization that you’re capable of more than you initially thought. This sense of increased capability will blossom into the kind of confidence that will empower you to take on tasks with a higher belief in yourself and your capacities.

Emotional and mental clarity

One of the biggest lessons firewalking teaches us is just how powerful of a tool our mind is if we know how to properly wield it. Once you cross the threshold from pre- to post-firewalk, this concept becomes less abstract and more concrete as you fully experience its truth.

Truly knowing and feeling the power of a clear and focused mind and all that it can help you accomplish will condition your consciousness to continue to look for stimuli that support this truth, resulting in more mental clarity, increased self-awareness and enhanced day-to-day focus.

Of course, everybody and every body is different, so there will be some variation with regard to what you experience post-firewalk and to what degree, but you can be sure that, regardless of your current state, you’ll walk away feeling more powerful, confident and clear.

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