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May 11, 2017

Why you shouldn’t use your phone during the Tony Robbins firewalk

Our mobile phones keep us connected to our family, friends and the world around us. But there’s a time and place to use them – and that time is not when you’re walking across a bed of hot coals at a Tony Robbins event. To…

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May 4, 2017

How firewalking will help you achieve more breakthroughs

Whether you’re aiming for healthier relationships, a stronger body or financial success, little will propel you to meet and exceed your goals faster than a breakthrough. What we mean by “breakthrough” is simple: It’s breaking out of your current situation and breaking into the kind…

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emotional fitness towards resilience
April 10, 2017

How to utilize emotional fitness

What do successful people all have in common? They don’t allow challenges and setbacks to hold them back; instead, they use these moments as opportunities to propel themselves forward. They are resilient and determined, and they bring that positive energy wherever they go. In other…

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