Are you a fit for the firewalk?

May 30, 2017

Are you a fit for the firewalk?

A lot of people wonder whether the Tony Robbins firewalk is right for them. Some might question if they have the right personality for it, whether it’ll benefit their life in particular specific ways or if they’ll generally gain anything from it.

Those questions are understandable. Often, unique and unusual experiences invite questions, and there’s nothing ordinary about walking barefoot across coals. But if you’re questioning whether the firewalk is right for you, we can confidently say: Yes, it is.

That’s because no matter who you are, what job you do, your age or what your goals are, firewalking is something that can improve your life and take it to the next level.

Think about it this way: Is there anyone among us that doesn’t have a desire to feel more empowered, more liberated and more compelled to forge a life path that leads to being the best version of ourselves we can be? Not likely. And those are the very things that firewalking helps with.

“The firewalk for me symbolized that I can overcome. I can overcome anything. I’m fearless. All of my issues, all of my pre-judgements… will be burned in that fire.” – April Morgan

Fear is one of our greatest — if not the greatest — obstacles in the way of achieving our dreams. Once you learn to harness that fear and transform it into energy that propels you forward rather than holds you back, you’ll be unstoppable — and the firewalk is your stepping-stone to get there.

Walking over hot coals requires you to act against a range of preconceived notions and fears, challenging you to move forward despite whatever aims to hold you back. It conditions your mind to view fears as thoughts to overcome rather than debilitating truths, and shows your conscience how capable you are of overcoming your biggest fears.

“All the things that scare you? They disappear. They’re not there.” – Ryka Milo

Imagine a life that’s controlled by your desires instead of crippled by your fears. Imagine having the ability to look at all that scares you and smile confidently, knowing that those things are merely more energy for you to use to accomplish your goals.

The firewalk makes that imagined life a reality by giving you the opportunity to conquer one of your most primal fears and transform it into pride and excitement.

“When I finished walking over the fire, I felt amazed. I felt proud. I just couldn’t believe I’d done it but I was super happy that I did.” – Melinda Davis Gillenger

Once you’ve completed the firewalk, you’ll walk away more emboldened and free than when you started. But don’t be surprised if you feel a lot of emotions, too. Many people find themselves tearing up after completing the challenge. Not because it hurt or because they’re scared, but because they just saw themselves complete something they never dreamed possible. The strength and self-efficacy that comes from realizing how capable you are can be quite overwhelming — but it’s overwhelming in the very best of ways.

“I don’t know where that shy girl went, but I’m filled with a spirit of boldness now that I did not have [before the firewalk challenge].” – April Down

No matter if you’re a shy student looking to break out of your shell or an extroverted CEO aiming to take your business to the next level, the firewalk is a great first step to taking you to exactly where you need to go.

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